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Dedicated Family Lawyer in Honolulu, HI

Personal attention to the details of your case makes all the difference

At the Law Offices of Edward J.S.F. Smith, you and your family law issues come first. Attorney Smith has been serving the family law needs of Honolulu and the rest of Hawaii since 1994, with a special emphasis on divorce and separation law, adoption, paternity, child custody and guardianship law. In the process, he has gained an intimate familiarity with the legal complications and ramifications that are involved in each area. When you employ the services of the Law Offices of Edward J.S.F. Smith, you will work directly with the family law attorney in charge of your case. Attorney Smith will take the time to get to know you and understand the specifics of your situation, keeping in mind that family law matters involve more than just a single person. Your spouse, your children, your extended family, and others will be impacted by the decisions you and Attorney Smith make in regard to your case. We are sensitive to child custody, domestic violence, immigration, and even family issues brought on by bankruptcy, and Attorney Smith will strive to achieve an equitable outcome for all parties involved. Edward Smith provides sound, comprehensive advice and affordable representation that is tailored to your needs and is also an experienced attorney providing representation in bankruptcy, personal injury and immigration law cases.

Especially Qualified to Handle Military and International Family Law Matters

In his years of practice, Attorney Smith has represented the interests of members of our military in divorce and custody matters, as well as having worked on a range of cases involving interstate child abduction and international child abductions covered by provisions of the International Hague Convention. When domestic abuse or international kidnapping issues come into play, there's no lawyer more qualified or prepared to take on your case than Edward Smith. Whether you are looking for a guardianship attorney, domestic violence attorney or child custody attorney with experience in military and international child abduction, Attorney Smith is the one to call.

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