Child Custody

The court can award some form of joint custody or award custody solely to one parent, depending upon what it determines is in the best interests of the child. If sole custody is awarded, the court may still grant visitation rights to the other parent or to siblings, grandparents, and others interested in the welfare of the child. If domestic violence is an issue in the divorce, the court may require that visitation be supervised.
Our firm is experienced in domestic violence matters and understands how these difficult issues may impact custody and visitation orders. In addition, we have a great deal of experience in international child abduction cases, where one spouse removes the child to a foreign country. Regardless of the complexity of your child custody matter, our office provides sensitive, caring, and able assistance to make sure your rights as a parent are protected.


Either party may petition the court for a modification of support orders upon a showing of a change in the circumstances of either party or the children, such as a change in either party's income or health or a change in the child's health care needs, including health insurance. The law also allows the custodial parent to petition the court for a review of the support order every three years without having to show a change in circumstances

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